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Valet Parking Solutions

Deliver unparalleled guest care while enhancing your brand and bottom line with VPNE as your valet parking business partner.

As your valet parking partner, VPNE will work closely with you to custom design a valet parking program that drives your business goals and integrates our on-site team into the fabric of your organization.

Our team becomes your team. With our extensive operational, business, financial, and marketing expertise, we will help you make key valet design, operations, and management decisions with confidence. Our goal is to ensure that your valet services are always delivering your business promise to your guests.

Deliverables include:
  • Customized Staffing Plans: designed to ensure quality guest care and maximum safety
  • Dedicated Asset Managers: oversee the perfect execution of valet services day in and day out
  • Customized Training: to ensure that our on-site team delivers the level of service that the client expects
  • Safe and Efficient Valet Methodology: return vehicles to guests less than five minutes after request
  • Revenue Control and Financial Reporting: designed to ensure absolute revenue accuracy
  • Financial and Service Auditing Program: ensures service levels and accountability
  • Claims Management Program: transforms unfortunate situations into positive relationships

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